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4 Critical Signs to Replace Your Cable Installation Tools

December 18, 2020

You've invested in the best cable installation tools in the market. But, even the best manufacturing practices to produce the same caliber tools as AMAC Equipment and other dependable manufacturers are no match to the test of time.


Tools can rust and equipment can wear out. It may be best to replace your tools if you encounter any one of these four crucial signs.


Inaccurate Readings

Calipers, measuring gauges, and faded rulers immensely contribute to poor readings and measurements. Wrong measurements can cause enormous delays and project mishaps. Error-prone readings due to poor cable tools can lead to poor project results. With new cable installation tools, you can determine every project's logistics with the highest possible accuracy and avoid damaging your team's reputation.


Employees Spend More Time Calibrating and Troubleshooting

Even with accurate measurements and estimates, some aged cable installation tools need more warm-up periods. Simple tools, such as vices, grips, and others, can have rust that slows down adjustments and calibration.


Reduced Productivity

Newer installation tools and machines have advanced features allowing your team to focus on their specializations and guarantee high-quality output. Aging equipment can be efficient, but their lack of advanced capacities might limit your team's full potential.


Used for More Than 10 Years

Any tool, device, machine, and other electrical equipment aged beyond ten years is highly likely to malfunction and cause delays in your future projects. To lower this risk, get new equipment with better durability and dependability.


Find a Dependable Manufacturer to Work With

If you have yet to find a reliable manufacturer, you can always count on us at AMAC Equipment to help with all your needs. With our decades of experience, we're confident in delivering the best most up-to-date equipment for you and business to replace old tools and equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.