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4 Clear Signs It's Time to Replace Your Aging Cable Pulling Grip

October 08, 2020

A cable pulling grip is one of a technician's most helpful tools when running lengthy lines of cable across walls and posts. If they fail to perform correctly, wire or cable tensions can become strenuous and eventually go in different directions. 

Here are four ways you can identify if your cable grip needs a replacement as soon as possible:

The Locking Mechanism Couldn't Hold Usual Pull Pressures

If your technicians are still handling the same types of cable and wire in projects but you have found that there have been incidents in which the cable pulling grip and its locking mechanism has failed to keep the wire in check, this could be a red flag. If the locking mechanism appears to have smooth grip teeth or fails to lock properly, then it's time to have it replaced soon as this may eventually delay your logistics or cause other complications. 

Corrosion Has Begun

Every cable pulling grip uses aluminum or stainless steel during its manufacturing process and should moisture penetrate its core material, due to this, you may find that corrosion occurs - this could significantly compromise the grip's overall pulling capability. Rusting and corrosion in situations like this are enough to warrant a replacement.

It Damages Cables

A pulling grip's teeth should be smooth enough to prevent cable damage while gripping it during the pull. If it causes extensive damage to your cables, then the teeth may have corroded and this could potentially cause surface abrasion. This is a sure sign that it needs a replacement whenever possible.

You've Been Using It For More Than 10 Years

All electrical construction equipment requires immediate replacement if you've used them for more than ten years. Pulling grips at this age will begin corroding and may fail to perform duties that they did with ease when they were new. 

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