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4 Best Ways to Maintain a Hydraulic Cable Cutter

June 11, 2020

A hydraulic cable cutter plays a vital role in cable installation, maintenance, and general cutting and processing. All engineers and technicians need a reliable cutter that achieves its objective in the shortest and most efficient way possible. To ensure your cable cutter is consistent, make sure to follow these four effective maintenance routines:

Remove Air Bubbles

Any hydraulic cable cutter performs adequately with the right pressure settings if it has no air bubbles in its hydraulic circuit. When changing oil, make sure you purge all air bubbles by using your cutter's pressure release handle or similar feature. In doing so, it pushes all air bubbles into the reservoir and prevents cutting pressure inaccuracy during operation. 

Use Only Recommended Lubricating Oils

Ensure you are only using the recommended lubricating oils to avoid damage and inaccuracies. Using the wrong lubrication can shorten the lifespan of parts and other components of a hydraulic cable cutter. Check with your cutter manufacturer for which oils are best to use, or if they produce a hydraulic lubricating oil specifically for the tool

Consistent Oil Reservoir Checks

A low oil level will affect the cut accuracy of your cable cutter. Normally, this will cause the appearance of bubbles, which contributes to the inaccuracy and lack of cutting efficiency. It is best to check your hydraulic cutter's oil levels every six months. If the oil hasn't changed in amount, changing the lubrication helps lengthen the lifespan of your cutter's parts.

Regular Calibration 

Make sure to check the cutting calibration of your cutters. Your personnel can perform general maintenance and recalibration daily, but having manufacturer-licensed or recommended technicians can give you a better picture of your cutter's remaining lifespan, performance, and capabilities.

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