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3 Roles of Work Tents

December 13, 2019

One should never attempt a cable installation project without having work tents on-site. Work tents are multi-functional when it comes to the role they play in a cable installation project. Considered to be one of many important worker safety equipment, every respectable contractor should make sure to get their hands on durable and high-quality work tents. Not having this equipment may be a signifier to customers that your crew is not as professional and meticulous as they should be.


Here are the three main roles played by work tents:


Equipment Storage Area

Work tents are used to store and protect equipment and tools. Bigger projects require more work tents to secure larger numbers of equipment. Sturdy tents made from high-quality materials can withstand rain and other weather conditions such as strong winds.


A Makeshift Office

All cable installation projects have lead engineers and architects, who require a place to recuperate and rest, or just observe operations. Sturdy tents from reliable manufacturers will have enough insulation that could efficiently provide shelter from the elements, but also privacy. AMAC’s work tents can look and function as a makeshift office, all while being easy to unpack and retrieve.


The Nerve Centre of Everything

Wherever your work tents are located, tents become the nerve center of all the operations involved in your cable installation project. Having a good work tent means making sure the center of your operations are always in a good environment. It pays to own excellent-looking, high-performance, and durable work tents for all your projects.


At AMAC Equipment, we supple top quality tents for all cable installation projects. Our freestanding work tents have fiberglass frames and urethane coated nylon covers to ensure durability. It is highly portable, and a single person will be able to erect and disassemble the tent easily. There are five sizes available, depending on your needs.