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3 Reasons Why Aerial Equipment will be in High Demand in The Future

December 04, 2020

In the mid 19th century, the first utility poles were used for long-distance communications. This new development in communication technology required columns of wooden posts to support overhead power lines. Since then, aerial equipment has been introduced and developed to allow workers access to the top of the poles for power line maintenance. Today, city developers prefer underground cable installations as it is seen as the best solution to install power lines.


But that does not mean this equipment has lost its value. Instead, it may be in higher demand in the future and here are 3 reasons why.


A Cost-Effective Approach

Underground cable installations introduce excellent protection against hurricanes and earthquakes. However, this type of operation is expensive and requires more time. Most public and private projects focus on budget-efficient solutions, which means using high-quality aerial equipment capable of withstanding the elements is still in high demand.


Easier to Maintain and Repair

Underground access to cable lines requires passage blueprints, as well as, navigating pathways with heavy equipment for maintenance and repair. With above-ground power solutions, workers only need to refer to the plans for the power grid to find the faulty lines for repair. This makes aerial equipment continue to be greatly important in their operations.


Less Risk of Injury

Some countries around the world are more prone to earthquakes, which may prove underground work to be extremely dangerous. Utility poles avoid dangerous underground situations and require less time for repair and maintenance.


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