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3 Reasons To Make Sure Your Cable Pulling Grip Is In Top Shape

September 03, 2020

Every cable engineer and electrician carries a set of cable pulling grips to install a selection of cables. Without these tools, it will take weeks to complete running cables across the structure's different areas.


Cable grips use high-quality materials, which make them resilient and highly-durable in pulling fibre optic and copper cables without damaging them. Cable installation teams need them in top shape to ensure they avoid the following:


Uneven Pulls

A cable pulling grip works in tandem with lubrication products. Grips are able to pull cables in the fastest and most effortless way possible. To prevent burns and uneven pulls, using high-quality lubrication ensures the cable sleeve and material do not suffer any frictional burns. A problematic cable pulling grip can produce uneven pulls, which can leave certain areas of the structure lacking proper cabling.

Cables Latch Quickly To Your Grip

The grips of your cable pullers must latch the cables properly. In applications that require durable cable pulling machines, it's best to keep your grips in top shape to prevent uneven grip pulling. Over time, pullers can lose its grip, which can cause detrimental delays or even damages to your projects. If you're looking for excellent cable puller replacements, you can count on AMAC Equipment to provide you with the best products. 

Prevent Damages To Your Cable In Any Way

When all your cable installation and maintenance equipment are in good condition, you can prevent any possible damages to your cables. Make sure to know the cable material's characteristics to ensure you have the right pulling speed, lubrication, and other factors that prevent any damages in check.  

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