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3 Reasons to Choose Our Duct Rodder

October 29, 2018

A duct rodder is an essential tool for the cable installation service industry. It helps make cable installation tasks, like cable laying, more comfortable and efficient. A duct rodder helps alleviate a lot of excess pressure from installers. A duct rodder is an excellent tool that offers strength and flexibility to its users.


At AMAC Equipment, we happily provide cable installers with the best duct rodder in the business!


Our duct rodders are known for their lightweight nature yet sturdy construction. They are commonly used when laying cables down at work sites. It is easy to thread cable that you will be installing through a duct rodder. Our rodders are ideal to use because of their fatigue resistance and compressive strength.


Here are three reasons why our duct rodders at AMAC Equipment are the best for your cable installation business:


  • Abrasion Resistant: Our duct rodders are equipped with a plastic coating that assists in the resistance against abrasion. This helps businesses ensure that the product they are delivering has reduced wear and tear compared to competitors.
  • Rigidity and Strength: The unique designs of our duct rods allows for great rigidity and strength. This allows for our rods to tolerate additional force from ducts that have multiple turns and arches. The reinforced braided wrap is what contributes to the rigidity.
  • Electrical and Thermal Properties: The properties of our duct rods make them safe to use in ducts that are previously occupied with cables. This is ideal for business owners that want to ensure the safety of their workers and where they are installing a duct rod.


At AMAC Equipment, we offer the best cable installation products in the industry. Our duct rodders come in a variety of different styles to suit your unique needs as a business. We take pride in delivering some of the best gear and accessories to all of our valued clients. Despite the growth and evolving nature of the industry, all of our products are up-to-date. Call or email us today to learn more about the exceptional services and products we have to offer!