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3 Major Types of Reel Trailers

November 02, 2021

Reel trailers are an important part of a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, power and gas, telecommunication, and more. However, there are different kinds of trailers, classified on the basis of capacity and function. If you are a contractor looking for a reel trailer for a utility or cable installation project, then knowing the distinction between the different types of reel trailers is crucial. 



Here are 3 major types of reel trailers that may be suitable for your application:


Single Reel Trailers


The most simple type of reel trailer, this machine is very capable and sturdy. As the name suggests, it can transport only one reel. However, a quality reel trailer, such as those offered by AMAC Equipment Limited, is capable of holding cables and ducts weighing up to 7,000 lbs or more. Single reel trailers are primarily used by electrical contractors, cable installers, farm industries, and local municipalities for various projects. Single trailers are great for transporting conduits, ducts, and all sorts of reel-mounted materials.


Multi Reel Trailers


These trailers are available in different sizes and weights. Most of these trailers are capable of holding about 120 inches or more of cable coils or other materials. The most common denominations of multi reel trailers are double, triple, and four reel trailers. Much like their single reel counterpart, they also have sturdy axles that can bear a load of 7,000 lbs and sometimes, even up to 10,000 lbs or more. If you prefer customized features like more axle space or self-loading mechanisms, then they can also be added to the trailer. 


Coil Pipe Trailers


This last type of reel trailer is quite unique because it features a rotating pipe carousel, poly tire pipe, electric or hydraulic lift, adjustable cage, channel mainframe, and tongue. However, its load-bearing capacity is lesser than that of single and multi reel trailers.


To conclude, all three varieties of reel trailers are very useful, but choosing the right one for your project depends on the load and length of the material being transported. We at AMAC Equipment Limited provide a wide range of products and services including cable installation tools, utility supply, reel trailers, and even work tents. If you need any cable installation equipment or accessories, get in touch with us today.