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3 Major Types of Cable Lubricants

November 18, 2021

An industrial cable lubricant, as the name suggests, is a lubricant that is typically used in cable installations. It is sprayed onto the cable sheathing and this protects the cable from abrasion and oil contamination. These lubricants are an important part of the installation because they keep the cables from slipping on each other and reduce undue friction. To serve their purpose effectively, they are generally applied to the cable by using a brush or by spraying. However, there are plenty of cable lubricants in the market, as well as several types.


To help you make a better choice, here are 3 fundamental types of cable lubricants.



Liquid cable lubricants are quick-drying, have low toxicity, and they also have a low coefficient of friction. Hence, organic liquid cable lubricants dry up quickly, offsetting their affordability and dependability with their quick evaporation. In addition, liquid lubricants are impractical for vertical or aerial installations because they will drip down the cable owing to their low viscosity.



Gel-based lubricants tend to be easier to handle and use than their liquid-based counterparts. They also do not dry out as quickly, reducing the chance of dust build-up on the cables that can cause short circuits. Gels also stick well on the cable’s surface, such as the Polywater Gel Pulling Lubricants offered by AMAC Equipment Limited, especially when the cable is pulled tight, allowing fewer installation errors. However, the only drawback of gel-based lubricants is that they tend to be more expensive than liquid-based lubricants.



Wax-based lubricants are often preferred for their increased durability. They are also less likely to leave behind a residue that could cause corrosion, which is usually the case for liquid and gel-based cable lubricants. This type of lubricant is useful in situations where cables are subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, such as outdoor installations in really hot or freezing temperatures. Moreover, thanks to their viscous nature, they're an excellent choice for aerial cable installations.


With this knowledge in mind, selecting the right lubricant for any job becomes simplified. 


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