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3 Dependable Cable Pulling Grip Types For Maximum Productivity

July 20, 2021

Cable pulling grips make it possible to quicken wire installations with reduced risk of damages to all cable types. However, special pulling grips achieve better results with specific materials. Today, many manufacturers produce different grip models, and cable pulling and installation companies have to make sure to choose the right model for their operations.


Here are three dependable cable pulling grip types and what their functions are:



The half-hitch grip works well for easy pulls, especially on the last two feet of any cable. If you're mostly pulling straight and curving lines, half-hitches can conveniently work to your advantage. However, this grip can break down and cause drags with heavy cables and sharply-angled passages. In addition, because it grips only the cable's last two feet, it can cause significant damages if inexperienced pullers use them.



The Kellems grip is similar to any mesh grip, but it uses metal as its primary material. Its braided wire sleeve can grip significant cable lengths, allowing pullers to move cables without causing any wire damage at high velocities and sharply-angled passages. The Kellem's disadvantage is the head's size, which takes up 3mm of additional space, making it impractical for narrow passages.


Fabric Mesh

Fabric meshes function like Kellems grips but with a smaller profile. Instead of taking up an extra 3mm of space, it works well in 2-inch passages. Fabric meshes use polyester and a high-strength synthetic material to achieve a powerful grip that tightens as it pulls. The polyester variant has a lower breakage point than the synthetic variant. However, the latter is much higher-priced because of its added durability.


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