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3 Considerations for Purchasing Cable Reel Trailers

August 20, 2021

A wrong cable reel trailer purchase will hurt any team's budget. Unfortunately, some can find their projects delayed because of hastily bought equipment. Obtaining a high-quality version of this trailer is crucial. However, buying the first quality one that you find might not be the solution. Here are three quick mistakes that teams may commit and how you can avoid them.



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Incorrect Reel Size

A larger reel size does not mean it can accommodate smaller diameters. For example, a 60-inch wide reel cannot accommodate a 48-inch wide reel because smaller sizes have narrower centres of gravity. A larger size than the requirement will cause problems during transportation. With this in mind, you should consult suppliers about the reel's haul compatibility with your existing equipment. Most high-quality suppliers, such as AMAC Equipment, will give you detailed information on finding the right reel sizes.

Incompatible Centre Holes

Wider reels will have wider centre holes. As a result, they cannot grip small reel bars as effectively. In addition, the centre holes can face significant damages, and to avoid this damage, you can use a tapered bar that snugly fits wide reels on smaller reel bars. From high-quality cable installation suppliers, smaller reel bars can have a proper fit with custom tapered reel bars.

Improper Speed

All cable reel trailers have a maximum speed. Some teams choose a low average-speed trailer that can incur violations during highway drives. This results in authorities flagging them down for possibly causing traffic and violating safety rules. We highly recommend consulting with a dependable supplier about your usual cable installation route, as cable reel trailers have various designs that focus on speed, maximum weight support, and other elements.

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