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3 Common Aerial Equipment Used By Contractors

May 17, 2022

Overhead cable lines are an essential part of the utility supply infrastructure. While underground cable lines are also an inseparable part of the utility supply infrastructure, it is a well-known fact that the installation and maintenance of underground cables are relatively more difficult. 

Overhead cable lines offer better accessibility to the contractors. With the help of the right tools and aerial equipment, the workers can set up overhead cables or fix any issues easily. Since there is a risk of accidents while working on overhead cables, due to the chances of structural collapse, it is essential to depend on only equipment manufactured by trusted brands like AMAC Equipment Ltd.  


Aerial Equipment supplied by AMAC Equipment Ltd. 


Strand tensionmeter
This equipment from AMAC Equipment Ltd. is perfect for tensioning new strands and measuring the tension of existing strands. Strand Tensionmeter. also commonly referred to as Strand Dynamometer, helps contractors maintain proper cable clearances and comply with the National Electric Safety Code's Uniform System of Clearances. You can rely on it whenever you want as this is a hundred percent mechanical equipment that does not rely on a battery.

Three Roller Starter Guide Block
Three Roller Starter Guide Block is a starter block used for pulling overhead cables. This equipment features three rollers capable of guiding cables with less friction. Cables of up to six inches can be pulled with the help of this guide block. 

Overlash Aerial Cable Guide
Overlash Aerial Cable Guide is used for installing new overhead cable lines or overlashing the already existing ones. The cast aluminum shoe with a steel insert and the steel straps from which the shoe is suspended are all made of industrial-grade material.

Durability and quality are guaranteed when you source aerial equipment or pole line hardware from AMAC Equipment Ltd. Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn about the best tools for your utility supply needs.