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3 Cable Lubricants Contractors Should Go For

September 18, 2023

Cable pulling is a task that requires access to the best workforce, tools, and equipment. The margin for error in cable pulling is often next to none. Why is it so? You might ask. This is because our utility supply infrastructure is almost completely reliant on overhead and underground cables. Any snag in the setup or maintenance of cable infrastructure has dire consequences, as industries can come to a standstill, leading to insurmountable losses.  Contractors in the utility supply industry rely on sophisticated tools and equipment for effective cable pulling. However, the use of lubricants is something that is often not given due credit but is crucial for successful cable pulling. In this blog, we list three cable lubricants that contractors can trust and should definitely invest in.

3 Cable Lubricants That Are Super Effective

TechLube - FO
The TechLube - FO Fiber Optic Cable Pulling Lubricant is one of the best in the market for facilitating friction-free fiber optic cable pulling. It is safe on plastics and compatible with all types of cable jackets and conduits. One of the best things about this lubricant is that it is water-based and bio-degradable.

Polywater® CGL Communications Gel Pulling Lubricant
This extraordinary lubricant from Polywater is designed exclusively for the communications industry. Be it coaxial, copper, or fiber optic cable pulls, this lubricant does the job effectively. What's more? This world-class cable lubricant meets California regulation CCR 22, making it safe for the aquatic environment.

Polywater® + Silicone™ Cable Pulling Lubricant
Look no further than Polywater® + Silicone™ Cable Pulling Lubricant if you are looking for a lubricant for seamless transmission cable pulling. This lubricant leaves a fine film inside the HDPE conduits, making sure the cable stays safe during pulling. This lubricant is ideal for heavy pulls and is water-resistant. The non-freezing formula also makes this ideal for cold conditions.

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