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3 Best Cable Lubricants Supplied By AMAC Equipment

February 28, 2022

Cables play a pivotal role in utility supply. It is not an exaggeration to state that an effective utility supply is almost impossible without cables. Contractors make use of industrial-grade cables that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and massive tension without breaking. 


Sourcing cables from a dependable supplier is one of the best ways to ensure they last long. Apart from this, regular maintenance and servicing can also prolong their life. Cable lubricants are one of the best ways to prevent the deterioration of cables and maintain their structural integrity.

Cable lubricants supplied by AMAC Equipment

Techlube®-HD Heavy-Duty Cable Pulling Lubricant

Techlube is one of the industry leaders that boasts a wide range of products. This particular cable pulling lubricant helps the cable not get stuck to the conduit. Friction reduction of the cables can be achieved with ease with the help of Techlube®-HD Heavy-Duty Cable Pulling Lubricant. This is just the product for you if you are looking for a biodegradable and water-based cable pulling lubricant.


Polywater® LZ Universal Cable Pulling Lube

This cable lube is popular because it is CPE and CSPE cable compatible. Its application includes but is not limited to all types of jackets and cable. This lubricant has been extensively tested on LSZH/LSHF thermoplastic and thermoset jackets to ensure safety and efficiency. Regular Grade LZ and Winter Grade WLZ are the two grades of this lubricant supplied by AMAC Equipment.


Polywater® SPY™ Sprayable Cable Pulling Lubricant

This sprayable cable lubricant makes it easy to use. Polywater® SPY™ Sprayable Cable Pulling Lubricant dries quickly and leaves behind zero mess. One of the best things about using this lube is that you can spray from a pressurized sprayer or hand trigger sprayer. 


You can depend on AMAC Equipment for the best cable pulling lubricants. Contact us today to learn about our wide range of utility supply products.