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Amac Amac

High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

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10,000 psi (40,000 psi min. burst) high pressure hydraulic hose designed and tested to meet the electricl conductivity requirments established in the utility market. The 3VE3 series is a 3/16" I.D. hose, standard in most double acting, applications, and the 3VE4 series, which is 1/4" I.D., is more common in single acting applications.

FEATURES: H/D thermoplastic construction, certified nonconductive, assemblies available in any length, lightwear, wear resistant, and excellent weather-ability. Temperature range from -40 degrees F to +150 degrees F, H/D hose guard provides greater hand and body protection. Saftey orange jacket for greater operator awareness. Hoses are tested at 75kV/ft assuring that the hose has a leakage factor os less than 50 microamperes.